Week 30 ~ Sunshine & Showers


We have had some extraordinary weather this week; sleet & hail in the mornings, followed by lovely sunny afternoons.3

Rose had fun playing with her friend this week. Can you spot a guinea pig in a basket?

Rose did some crafting


Built a hide-out with sofa cushions (do you see a tiny waving hand?)2

Maths is not too bad, after all…3

A doggy friend came to visit4

We have a new game – armies!


Then there is always strangle your big sis while she works on her maths 🙂7

Some of Elianna’s art work I have been meaning to share, & have not been able to grab her sketchbook long enough to photo


1 2 3 4 5

For history this week, Elianna has been reading about Medieval art, while Rose has been reading about Greek Gods in A Child’s History Of The World. Rose has worked on copywork, a conversation lesson & dictation in Primary Language Lessons, Elianna has done dictation, writing solid paragraphs & various other exercises in Intermediate Language Lessons. Elianna has been cracking on with Latin & Rose with Greek & Latin Roots.

There has been lots of review for all in maths, then a focus on the four processes in negative numbers for Elianna, and Rose has worked on lots of place value & basic addition & subtraction.

I am giving myself a shot in the arm regarding nature study, by reading lots of books that never fail to inspire me:

Keeping A Nature Journal My all time favourite!

Type Lessons For Primary Teachers In Nature, Poetry, & Art

Natural Science Through The Seasons

I am keeping nature study simple & do-able by focusing on these three prompts from John Muir Laws:

I Notice, I Wonder, It Reminds Me Of…

We did some family study of dandelions & I Rose & I studied the tadpoles in the garden, & all the lovely cherry trees in bloom


Science club this week was all about the periodic table & molecular structure. This is working so well for us. Elianna is enjoying working with her friends & they are able to share & discuss their ideas.


Plus all the regulars; English, maths & Latin.

Books we are reading this week;


Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen

The Enchanted Wood

A Year On The Farm

Gazzilions of the Usborne Beginners: We have a lot of new one arrive this week, including Special Forces, Army, Poisonous Animals, & others

A Child’s History Of The World



Anne Frank: The Diary Of A Young Girl. This is dragging on now – the child needs to finish this book, but she has really lost interest.

The View From The Oak – This is a smashing book, recommended by a wonderful friend. A great living science book.

Happy Weekend!

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