Week 29 ~ Happy Birthday To Me!


Rose began the week with a rather cold fishing trip with a friend. They didn’t catch anything, but had fun feeding the swan, and then playing in the woods together, as all little girls should.




Read aloud time. Rose is still Fairy Tale mad. Which I adore. Hans Christian Anderson is absolutely my favourite. He makes me cry. Every. Time. Michael the cat likes to listen too.


After a very cold start the weather has been glorious this week, so lots of time outdoors. Apart from my Big Girl, who likes to do her lessons in the peace & quiet of our spare room, but sat quietly in the garden under the shade of our beautiful Magnolia tree to read.



Did I say quietly?

This week has been bug-tastic for Rose. She has spent most of her free time hunting them. Remember the Bug Barn I bought for next year’s school? It is being used already 😉

But that is a good thing!


Rose has taken to finding exhausted bees, feeding them honey, they watching them zoom away. Unfortunately one of the bees died & my little nature girl was really quite devastated. I found her sobbing in the kitchen. She says that she does not like the idea of the little creatures dying alone…

It was tough, as she really was devastated. I told her that Jesus said that not a single sparrow falls to the ground without our Father in heaven knowing about it. We also talked about how she had been with that little bee in his last moments to give him comfort. Then we both had a little cry.

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My little nature girl has also enjoyed browsing Amazon for animal books she would like to read next



And using Google images to look at photos of the animals she has been reading about


It was my birthday this week, and I had a smashing day. I had a trip to the local art shop & bought some new paint & charcoals. I also received some lovely arty presents, including a wonderful new travel paint brush.

Elianna has done some amazing figure drawings this week, which I have neglected to photograph. To be fair, she does tend to show them to me when I pop in to say goodnight on my way to bed! My little night owl sits in bed sketching away…

I painted a picture of my horse, Kate (no longer with us, but very much in my heart) She was a treasure



Finally, today Elianna went to the cinema and for pizza to celebrate her friend’s birthday. She has chattered about the film non stop since. It is a good job she enjoyed it, as my husband had already bought tickets to take the girls to the same film tomorrow!

Plus all the regulars; English, maths & Latin.

Books we are reading this week;


Poems To Read To The Very Young

Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen

Annotated Classic Fairy Tales

Gazzilions of the Usborne Beginners

A Child’s History Of The World



Anne Frank: The Diary Of A Young Girl

The View From The Oak – This is a smashing book, recommended by a wonderful friend. A great living science book.

Happy Weekend!



6 thoughts on “Week 29 ~ Happy Birthday To Me!

  1. What a beautiful painting! I’m so impressed, she looks like she could trot off the page. Happy birthday! It looks like you all had a lovely week.

  2. Happy birthday! That’s a gorgeous painting of your horse! I’m sorry about the bee dying incident. I remember being very upset about such things as a little girl, so I can relate… However, it is very heart-warming to read about children who are sensitive to nature and small creatures. 🙂

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, I am very grateful I have children who care deeply about creatures of all kinds. I have always been distressed by children who hurt them, even if they are ‘just’ bugs. worms, toads, etc.

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