Week 12 ~ Loose Ends

This week we are finishing of odds & ends, to be all ready for Advent School next week!

We have finished off The Water Babies and had some wonderful discussions including a marvellous one about hope. In the Water Babies there is talk of Promethius & Pandora. When the box is emptied, Hope lays at the bottom. Elianna then shared how in  Albert Einstein & The Theory Of Relativity, a culture is mentioned that has no word for, or concept of, the future. And therefore no fear or hope. This was fascinating & we chatted for a while about life without hope or fear.

She has finished off Albert Einstein & The Theory Of Relativity & War Girls, both of which she has very much enjoyed.

Sunday was Stir Up Sunday. Here are some of our pictures of stirring & wishing 🙂



At Rosie’s direction, the girls made the sweetest Christmas stockings for their Guinea Pigs

2 copy


We have been cracking on with maths, history, science & Latin as usual. English was left this week. Everyone was tired after lasts weeks bout of illness & we have only been making it to read aloud time at around 8 O’clock, so I took English out of the day to relieve time pressure.

I finished Elianna’s lesson about matter this week, and we snuck in some art: Early winter sky scapes




Some of the books we have been reading this week:

The Water Babies

The Tales of Beatrix Potter

Albert Einstein & The Theory Of Relativity

The Children Of Odin

War Girls

A Child’s History Of The World

The Story Of Painting

The Story Of Music

101 Facts About Guinea Pigs

Happy Weekend!

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