Book : : The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden

I hope that this December Nature Note finds you & your loved ones well.

If you are new here, and to Exploring Nature with Children, I’m thrilled that you’re joining us! If you subscribe to the blog posts on the website, You’ll receive the monthly Nature Note, which will give you an overview of the month ahead, and also the weekly Exploring Nature with Children theme posts, which I hope will be helpful to you in your studies.

For those of you who are using Exploring Nature With Children, the weeks for December fall as follows:

28th ~ 4th Week 1 Christmas Plants Week #ENWCchristmasplantsweek 

5th ~ 11th Week 2: Winter Bird Study Week #ENWCwinterbirdweek 

12th ~ 18th Week 3: Winter Solstice Week #ENWCwintersolsticeweek  

(The Solstice itself falls Wednesday the 21st. We study the Winter Solstice a week in advance to avoid Christmas week becoming overly busy, then we can celebrate the solstice on the day itself. The day takes on a whole new meaning for the children having already learned about this important astronomical event!)  

19th ~ 25th Week 4: The Twelve Days of Christmas Week  #ENWC12daysofchristmasweek 

26th ~ 1st: Break Week #ENWCbreakweek

If you’re over on Instagram, do pop over and say hello! The Instagram page is very much about community; think of it as your virtual home school co op! Our community uses the #exploringnaturewithchildren hashtag, & also specific weekly hashtags { see above } to enable you to connect with other families working through the ENWC curriculum.

There’s a free ENWC calendar for the year to download  here.

As always, please work the weeks to suit your own circumstances best; these are just my own suggestions! 

Seasonal notes:

Chill December brings the sleet,
Blazing fire and Christmas treat.

~ The Months by Sara Coleridge

Special days this December:

Happy exploring!

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