Next week in Exploring Nature With Children is ‘Discussion Week’, the last week of this school year!

I really do hope that you have enjoyed your time with ENWC, and hope that you’ll consider using it again, as it has been written to be used year upon year for layered learning.

We shall be taking a break week from the 29th – 4th of August, then kicking off a new year of nature study on the 5th of September with Harvest Moon Week (the Harvest Moon itself falls on the 10th)

Here are some helpful links for your study:

Exploring Nature With Children is an open and go curriculum. To make it even easier, I have created a free calendar for you to download.

If you’re over on Instagram, do pop over and say hello! The Instagram page is very much about community; think of it as your virtual home school co op! Our community uses the #exploringnaturewithchildren hashtag, & also specific weekly hashtags to enable you to connect with other families working through the ENWC curriculum. This week’s hashtag will be: #ENWCdiscussionweek

Happy exploring!

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