Mini-beast Week | Exploring Nature With Children

It’s ‘Mini-beast Week’ in Exploring Nature With Children!

Here are some helpful links to get you going:


If you have the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd edition of ENWC, there’s a sentence missing from one of the Mini-beast week activities. It should read as follows:

Hunt for a garden spider’s web. Wait for the spider to leave the web, then spray the web with hairspray, and sprinkle with baby powder or flour whilst the hairspray is still wet. Carefully bring a piece of black cardstock from behind the web, until the web is laying on the card. Give the web & cardstock another quick spritz of hairspray to fix the web in place. Garden spiders build a new web each day.

My sincere apologies to you all. It has now been updated.

Don’t forget that to help with your planning, there’s a free ENWC calendar to download that has all the year’s dates.

Happy exploring!

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