20% Discount Code!


Krista has shared a 20% discount code for both Exploring Nature With Children, and the Guided Journals on her website. Valid until February 18th, pop over to here website to find out more.

Happy exploring!

8 thoughts on “20% Discount Code!

  1. This is a very cool offer period is the 20% discount automatically applied, or is there a discount code? The title looks like there’s a code but I do not see a code in the email. Thank you so much

    1. Megan, if you pop over to Krista’s website (it’s linked in the post) the code is shared there. Do let me know if I can help further.
      Happy exploring!

  2. Hello! I have attempted to purchase the curriculum a couple of times now, with different credit cards, but PayPal is not accepting my payment..! I was hoping to utilize the discount code before it expires. Are you able to help? I see others have had simialr problems so I thought I’d reach out! Thank you!

    1. Hello there!

      I am terribly sorry that you are having this issue with PayPal.

      I can send a direct PayPal invoice, I just need your PayPal linked email address, and the name(s) of the book(s) you wish to purchase. I am unable to email you directly, as the comment is anonymous, so I do not have your email address.

      I am so sorry that this is so frustrating, thank you so much for your patience!

      Kind regards

  3. Likewise… Bought two weeks before the code came out after months of thinking about it — would probably have gotten the journal too if they’d been 20% off. Oh well. I enjoyed the evergreen walk earlier this week.

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