Our Nature Journals Week 15


We have had some lovely walks this week, along with some beautiful, spring weather, though as I type, it is pouring with rain.

My husband took some smashing photographs of one of the swans.


How handsome!

Rose hasn’t done any journaling this week; I did a spread of a tree study I did of the trees in the meadow:


In my Calendar of Firsts I sketched the Bluebells that are beginning to bloom in the garden, a Buttercup from the meadow, the bats that flutter over the garden in the evenings, and this month’s full Egg Moon.

Happy exploring!


One thought on “Our Nature Journals Week 15

  1. I have been keeping an eye on our bird feeders this week. I refilled the largest one with sunflower seeds at lunch time only for it to be empty by this evening! All day a flock of siskins, greenfinches, bramblings and chaffinches have been busy in the snow, just arrived from their long migration journey. The trees have been alive with green, yellow and red birds, with the occasional resident blue tit managing to squeeze in! Quite a show today.

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