The Harvest Moon

This week is Harvest Moon Week in Exploring Nature With Children. We have been doing some reading about the moon and Lunar eclipses, and watching the sky closely!


On Friday evening, we set off and walked through a local meadow.


What a treat we had! Bats galore, an owl, and a wee toad that Rose found


Then the star of the show!


When we first spotted the moon, it hung large and low in the sky, like a golden penny. Once we were home, and it was higher in the sky, it was a beautiful silver. I left my shutters open in the bedroom, as I am fortunate to be able to see the moon for most of the night from my window. It filled the room with light all night long.

Here is Rosie’s journal entry:


Did you get to see the Harvest moon?

2 thoughts on “The Harvest Moon

  1. Hi Lynn

    The sky was beautifully clear with you. We had quite a bit of cloud but once the moon was able to break through the light produced some wonderful colours.

    We actually had a fleeting glimpse of an owl, we heard lots though. My son took his toy owl, one with the sound inside, when he played it the owls replied! It was a gorgeous walk. Yet to write it up though.

    Best wishes


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