Tree Week ~ Exploring Nature With Children

This week is Tree Week in Exploring Nature With Children. Have you been to visit your special tree? We visited ours, and had a good chat about the changes we have seen this year and made our general observations.

I was browsing through old photographs this week and found this sweet picture of baby Rose holding a slug.

baby rose

Look at the concentration in her sweet face! She has always been fascinated by the animal world.

Here are our journals this week; Rose chose to sketch a bumble bee as she is obsessed with bees right now 🙂


I decided to sketch a wee ladybird that I found on my special tree.


What are you studying in nature this week?

Happy exploring!


2 thoughts on “Tree Week ~ Exploring Nature With Children

  1. Hi Lynn

    We’ve had a look at our sweet chestnut looking splendid in his summer finery. We had a bit of a play with shaking the branches and catching what fell out, I had to shake as the branches were too tall. We found ladybird larvae amongst other things which caught the imagination so that is what we drew.

    We have also found some peacock caterpillars which we are keeping a close eye on to watch how they grow up. This morning we think we have found a sparrowhawk nest in a nearby tree but we don’t want to get close in case we disturb them. My son recognised the calls and while we watched we saw them fly in and out .

    My children have been rescuing bumble bees this week inspired by the photo of Rose 🙂

    Best wishes


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