Caterpillar Week Two ~ Exploring Nature With Children


It’s Caterpillar Week Two this week in Exploring Nature With Children.


Our caterpillars are growing super-fast, how are yours getting on? We have been enjoying observing them; our ‘formal’ observation time is during what we used to call our ‘morning circle time’ when the girls were little. The time when I read aloud, we recite poetry, practice memory work, and so forth.


We visited a local observatory this week to observe Mercury passing in front of the sun! The weather was glorious, with perfect, clear blue skies!


Here is Rose with her friend at the observatory.

Our nature journals this week went a little ‘off-piste’ so to speak. Rose wanted to sketch one of the oil beetles we read about in My Family And Other Animals by Gerrald Durrell and I fancied trying to depict the light-as-air Dandelion clocks that are all about at the moment.





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How is your nature study going this week?

Happy exploring!



2 thoughts on “Caterpillar Week Two ~ Exploring Nature With Children

  1. Hi Lynn

    Beautiful journals as ever.

    Our caterpillars are causing much interest, they appear to grow overnight! Everyone who comes in stops to admire them, they are quite the superstars.

    We took a walk today as well as observing, and we were lucky to see many butterflies mostly orange tip, I don’t think I have ever seen as many or are we now more observant. Either way it made us happy, even if they wouldn’t pose for the camera.

    Best wishes


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