Spring Tree Week ~ Exploring Nature With Children


This week is spring tree week in Exploring Nature With Children. We had a lovely walk to our special nature spot this week; the sun was shining, the birds were singing, spring is in the air!


We fed the pigeons, ducks, moorhens, and the swan. No sign of the ducklings this week. Lots of the Mallards were out on the banks of the pond, sunning themselves.

We also sketched the tree we have been observing since Autumn. It is a Cherry tree very close to our home.

Rose wrote in this week’s poem, ‘Oh Fair To See’ by Christina Rossetti. She also taped in a bark rubbing and a feather she found next to the tree. Then she made a contour sketch of a  small branch from the tree.


I did pretty much the same in my journal, though I wrote about my wonderings about the sticky buds, rather than the poem.


How was your nature walk?

Happy exploring!

One thought on “Spring Tree Week ~ Exploring Nature With Children

  1. Hi Lynn

    Those daisies look like jewels on their green carpet. The day looks lovely and bright, doesn’t the sunshine make everything feel brighter?

    Is Swiff the pigeon still well?

    We had a beautiful walk in the sunshine after a day of heavy rain. We saw lots of examples of plant lifecycles including a bluebell in flower, just the one. There seem to be a few blues creeping in with forget me nots joining the dandelions. We even had a dandelion clock.

    Looking forward to wildflowers next week, although our tree is still snoozing.

    Best wishes


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