Vernal Equinox Week ~ Exploring Nature With Chilren


This is Vernal Equinox week in Exploring Nature with Children, Sunday being the actual day. In anticipation of this event, the frogs are coming out of hiding in the garden.

Rose found this wee fellow this morning, and we spent time observing him, and then sketched him in our journals.


We added venn diagrams to show information about frogs and toads.



Afterward, we watched this short video about Glass frogs, that were discovered this time last year.

Such a gloriously sun-shiny day! Spring is almost here!




2 thoughts on “Vernal Equinox Week ~ Exploring Nature With Chilren

  1. Hi Lynn

    This is fabulous, I like the venn diagram makes it beautifully clear. Your frog illustrations are great, Rose’s little guy looks quite a character. I also like the small tank you have for observation, I may have to go back to the range 😉

    We are taking our walk tomorrow, hope we find lots of spring things, the excitement is building, we are waiting with baited breath for the frogspawn. The tank has been set up for a week now.

    Best wishes


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