Earthworms Week ~ Exploring Nature With Children


This week our nature study has taken a planned detour from Exploring Nature With Children. A grasshopper!

As part of Rosie’s science lessons this school year, we have been working through Memoria Press’ Book Of Insects and I promised that when we got to the grasshopper section, we would get a grasshopper to observe. So here he is, in all his glory. My little animal lover is thrilled to bits!

We abandoned our planned walk this morning, due to the horrendous rain, and spent time instead observing Jerry the grasshopper.




How is your nature study going this week?




8 thoughts on “Earthworms Week ~ Exploring Nature With Children

  1. Hi Lynn

    Jerry looks very cute, a very interesting subject. We will be doing earthworms tomorrow, it is a topic very close to my daughters heart, she gets so excited about them. We will all enjoy looking for them in the garden. We have made a wormery several times and the children always enjoy setting it up and checking on the progress of the worms.

    On Friday we had a trip out to Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire which was my sons request for his birthday treat. We loved the Konik ponies, the Reed beds and we saw a Marsh harrier. It was a very different habitat to what we are used to and my son said he enjoyed the atmosphere the reeds created. It is definitely worth a repeat visit in summer as there will be a huge number of invertebrates. We also heard skylarks singing – spring is on the way.

    There are Canada geese nesting on a local lake we visited on Saturday. Although the coots are still fighting it out.

    Best wishes


      1. Hi Lynn

        All good plans …… We haven’t actually looked at earthworms yet, we must do it , its now a priority. We got distracted when we found a kestrel, so we spent the time drawing and observing that, such beautiful birds rather overlooked I feel. We have done our walk this week, but as we went further afield we didn’t collect worms as it would not be fair to move them and then back again. We should be able to find some in our own garden. I will report back here when see have done it.

          1. Hi Lynn

            We’ve done it, my daughter dug up the worms from the garden then we brought them into the warm, isn’t it cold today? My son noticed the segmented bodies straight away and soon saw how active they were once they had warmed up a bit. Then one had a poo, which caused great hilarity and a good reminder of why worms are so important. They are safely tucked up in the veg bed again

            Good session thanks

            Best wishes


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