A Calendar Of Firsts: 1st~3rd Jan

cal of firsts

The first week of a fresh new journal…how very intimidating!


We stayed up to see the New year in & were treated to the constellation of Orion; bright & shiny in a clear night sky.

On new years day we took a walk to the park; I got a lovely photo of the girls being silly together.

I added birds to my bird list in the back of my journal, plus a wee, lone daisy to my wildflower list.

The little painted band along the top of the left hand page is a watercolour representation of the colours of the week; this week being very wet, cold, and rainy. This will help me when I come to paint in the Colours of the Month.

How was your first week?


5 thoughts on “A Calendar Of Firsts: 1st~3rd Jan

  1. Hi Lynn

    Love your page, beautifully seasonal but the sentiment so warm. Good idea to put the colours of the week along the top of the page, I shall do that.

    I am still settling in with mine, my daughter is keen to help, she loves that I have used some stamps of hers. I am going to treat myself to an evening with my paints and journal on Friday, I am not doing the normal prep for next week’s lessons, its going to be just for me. I am also adding temperature and weather data, I am hoping a weather project will be upcoming sometime soon but at the moment it hasn’t grabbed the attention of the children.

    We have noticed more birds on the feeders this week as it is getting colder now. ( I shall be choosing greys and blues this week too) The bird list is coming on, looking forward to sharing notes. I have to add the Latin names yet, I need to look them up…………

    I have just had our programme through for wildlife club and with that and your blog I am so excited about our nature studies this coming year.

    This may be presumptuous but do you have any plans for a follow up to exploring nature with children?

    Best wishes


    1. Lovely to hear from you Jenny
      I like your idea of an evening with the paints; you sound like you will have lots of material.
      Definitely blues and greys at the moment! Our birds are back to the feeders too.
      I do have plans for a follow up to ENWC; but I have several ideas floating around in my head, so not sure how/when that will be 🙂 Thank you for asking!

  2. Hi- I am loving your calendar of firsts idea and trying to get everything ready from Amazon ☺️ What watercolour pad/ paper do you recommend or use for the pages you stick over the lined paper… I looked on Amazon and there are so many brands and types Indint want to waste money on a bad one that buckles once wet or is too thick to stick in the diary . Thanks Jo (in Devon)

    1. Hello Jo

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      To be honest, this is a difficult one to answer. If you include watercolour paper each week, it will get very thick, very quickly.

      Not sure if you can tell from my photos, but my pages are quite wrinkly! I would use a mixture of watercolour paper and heavy drawing paper so it doesn’t get too thick. I often use photographs on the back of the page, which gives the next new page a good weight, too.

      Here is a good weight of watercolour for your journal:


      I hope that is helpful

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