Exploring Nature With Children ~ Autumn Tree Study


this week’s activity in Exploring Nature With Children was the autumn tree study. We headed off to our local park, and were somewhat waylaid by pigeons, geese, and ducks..




Elianna took some smashing photos with her ‘phone.




It was a gorgeous day, & we did manage a little tree study!



Rosie’s Redwood


And look what we found nestled in the grass…


Our journals this week:




Happy Exploring!

6 thoughts on “Exploring Nature With Children ~ Autumn Tree Study

  1. Hi Lynn

    You look like you had great fun, everything is so beautiful such wonderful colours. It really feels like autumn now.

    We went out to look at our favourite tree, a sweet chestnut which we have worked out to be over 300 years old. It feels like an old friend as it is on the playing field in our village and gets visited often. Thomas was sad someone had knocked the cauliflower fungus down! But we had some fun wondering what the fairies who live under the tree were doing. Funny thing is we have recently had some fairies come to live with us 🙂 I finally got round to making some!

    Best wishes


  2. Beautiful drawings.
    I wouldn’t have been able to spot a redwood. This is teaching me that my tree spotting skills need improving! I’m about to email my local park to see if there is a list of trees so I can check my identification skills.

  3. Hi, we had a fab time looking at a tree in the playground in Phillips Park Manchester – a beautiful beech. It was Eloise’s birthday and picking a tree and drawing and writing helped us all to be still and focus in a different way on a special day. Love your pics too – Elizabeth

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