2015 ~ 2016 School Plans


I have finished my plans for our 2015 – 2016 school year!

Without further ado, here they are in all their simplistic glory 🙂

Rose Year 5 (Grade 4)

Maths: CGP, Lots of maths games, & review

Science: Memoria Press Book Of Insects, lots of activities, lots of Nature Study, plenty of    living science books.

English: Primary Language Lessons. Copywork & dictation.

Literature: Our three main texts:

Lassie Come Home, Heidi, & I think Lamb’s Shakespeare

Poetry: Poetry For The Grammar Stage (once a month) lots of lovely poetry reading every week.

Language: English From The Roots Up

History: A Child’s History of The World

Classical Studies: D’Aulaire’s Book Of Greek Myths

Art Study: Degas & Michelangelo

Elianna Year 8, Grade 7

Maths: Lets KS3 & Review

Science: Science club, using Letts KS3  lots of activities, lots of Nature Study, plenty of    living science books.

English: Rod & Staff 5 for Grammar, Warriner’s for composition.

Literature: Our three main texts:

The HobbitThe Wind In The Willows, & I think Macbeth

Poetry: Poetry For The Grammar Stage (once a month) lots of lovely poetry reading every week.

Language: Latin Prep Book One

History: Continuing with using The Kingfisher Encyclopaedia as our spine. Outlining & lots of good books.

Classical Studies: The Trojan War

Art Study: Degas & Michelangelo

Art & crafts, days out, an abundance of free time…

13 thoughts on “2015 ~ 2016 School Plans

  1. I love reading other people’s plans especially as Rose is an academic year older than one of my children. The Shakespeare week was a great success here so I was interested in your selection of some children’s Shakespeare. Wondering whether we should do something similar although the Leon Garfield version is sitting on my shelf so maybe we could go with that. Food for thought!

  2. I actually have a few children’s Shakespeare books, so I am not tying myself into Lamb’s. We don’t have any Garfield though. Have you had a look through it yet? If so, how do you rate it?

    1. I haven’t yet used the Garfield with my children. We have used the Shakespeare stories by Andrew Matthews and also the books by Marcia Williams. The Garfield is a little more complex than these. The book we have “Shakespeare stories” has 12 play stories about 17-20 pages each. Some of the speech is direct from the plays but most is a synopsis. My concern is that it may be a little complex but for plays where we have read a Matthews book, it would be a suitable next step. What do you think about the Lamb?

  3. Your plan for both girls look very complete and rigourous! You’re way ahead of me in terms of planning! I don’t usually start to think about it until the start of the the summer. 🙂 Just wanted to know whether you order the Memoria Press books directly from the US, or have you found a UK distributor?

    1. Thank you-I’ve had a look. The Lamb covers far more plays although the sections for each play are shorter and it is a little more old fashioned particularly, the preface.

  4. Hmm, I start getting itchy around April, & need to make a plan!

    Ichthus sell MP student guides:


    But I bought quite a lot of MP resources; I am using the Lit teacher guides, as well as the guide for D’Aulaires, science, & poetry. I found I was able to order from Amazon.com – the order was direct from MP, but fulfilled by amazon.

    A UK supplier would have been preferable. Know I am thinking about it, I wonder if I had contacted Ichthus, they could have ordered in for me?

    1. Thanks for the info, Lynn. 🙂 I did check both Ichthus and Conquest Books for the MP science resources but to no avail… Looks like I’ll have to go through the same Amazon.com route as you have. I don’t know whether Ichthus will be able to get it any cheaper than you can from Amazon.com, because they’ll have to factor in the shipping cost as well.

      I bought the Famous Men from… guides from MP a few years ago but have to shelf them since my son wasn’t quite ready for them yet. I’ll probably take them out next year or so. The guides are really quite good. 🙂

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