Week 18 ~ Snow Days


This week has been a little…interrupted…

We have had two visits to the dentist (a family visit & a second visit to evaluate my big girl for braces. On top of that Elianna & I have both felt very low on energy, we have had a couple of days-wonderfully-interrupted-by-snow, plus I have been preparing for a trip away this weekend.

We have pootled along, at a slower pace.

Elianna & I have been making models of atoms & elements. Sarah’s post was really helpful. Elianna has made several of them now & I am forever standing on teeny-tiny beads….





Rose has a new sticker book, all about traditional costumes


And she is loving this book about Jane Goodall.



She finished her illustration of Charlotte’s Web, which she is very pleased with & I am loving that wee spider 🙂


We have done a little work in the girls English books, & they have done their maths lessons each day.

I realise I haven’t talked much about the ‘everyday’ resources we use – Eliana is working from the decimals book by Math Mammoth, and I use this vintage text with Rose: Graded Work In Arithmetic Year One (I have a printed book, but I recently found this PDF online)

I also use vintage texts for English – Primary Language Lessons & Intermediate Language Lessons.

Elianna uses dictation for spelling – we use the Simply Charlotte Mason Spelling book 2, & for Rose I use The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading as a spelling book.

Elianna has finished researching Medieval Explorers this week, so next week I am hoping to start her on this course: Archaeology of Portus.

It also has to be said, this is the week Rose discovered that she can fit into the wee cupboard in our hall…


Some of the books we have been reading this week:

The Story Of The Romans

Charlotte’s Web

Odd & The Frost giants

The Way Science Works

Who is Jane Goodall

Illustrated Book Of Great Adventures

Exploration & Discovery

Sinbad The Sailor & Other Stories

Marie Curie

The Graveyard Book

The Annotated Anne Of Green Gables

I am finding these ‘teacher guides’ helpful:

A Guide For Using Charlotte’s Web In The Classroom

Anne Of Green Gables Teacher Guide

Happy Weekend!

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