Week 17 ~ Brrrrrrrrr!


We had a light dusting of snow at the weekend, which was fun & utterly freezing! We had a lot of freezing fog which made for a bitterly cold day.

On Monday we went to do some nature study at the pond. Rose really observes the fowl closely, she has given various ones names & loves them so very much.


Eliana has begun to map the pond, roughly sketching the outline in her nature notebook.




Rosie’s Star Wars snowflake


Rose has made fresh food for the birds. We are planning to join in with the RSPB bird watch this weekend.2

Elianna is still reading about Medieval Explorers. She is writing a narration for each one & mapping their journeys.  Here she is adding to our history timeline –


Rose is really enjoying the Sinbad stories. In one of his journeys, he mentions a 100 cubit long fish, so we set out to measure how long that was. That was a pretty big fish!


She is really taken with the adventure of the Sinbad stories & it also gives her a chance to play with her lego whilst I read.


Rose & I are still reading Charlotte’s Web together. This week she wrote a character web, & an Acrostic poem about Wilbur. She has also begun an illustration of Charlotte’s web with water colour.




And finally, perhaps the most exciting news is that Elianna has begun Anne Of Green Gables!



As usual we are working steadily on maths, grammar, Latin & science – Elianna is currently learning about atoms & molecules.

Some of the books we have been reading this week:

The Story Of The Romans

Charlotte’s Web

Odd & The Frost giants

The Way Science Works

The Big Book of Dinosaurs

Illustrated Book Of Great Adventures

Exploration & Discovery

Sinbad The Sailor & Other Stories

Marie Curie

The Annotated Anne Of Green Gables

I am finding these ‘teacher guides’ helpful:

A Guide For Using Charlotte’s Web In The Classroom

Anne Of Green Gables Teacher Guide

Happy Weekend!

6 thoughts on “Week 17 ~ Brrrrrrrrr!

  1. That timeline is awesome! I was going to ask whether you bought it commercially, but I see that you’ve made it yourself. What an incredible feat! It is really well made!

  2. I love Anne of Green Gables – I’m currently re-reading the entire series (on my Kindle; I paid a grand total of 41p for 21 books, some of which I’ve never read) and loving it all over again. It’s interesting to re-read it over ten years on, though: when I was a child it seemed perfectly logical that a 17 year old could be a teacher, and that everyone seemed to be married at 20. Now I’m on the other side of those ages and feel far too immature to be a teacher or a wife!

    1. I think I have that series too on Kindle, It was really cheap – pence. I would love to read the whole series..I never have, even though this was such a favourite of mine as a child. I agree with your thoughts on being a 17 yo teacher!

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