Week 15 ~ Not Back To School ~ Again!


I wasn’t really ready for this week…I wanted to carry on lounging around in my pyjamas eating mince pies..but, here we are, back to lessons 🙂


We have enjoyed some lovely walks to our local pond.


The birds have been very hungry.


As have the squirrels!


Rose has been completely fascinated with veins & arteries. We are huge fans of Bill Nye videos here & I found this one for her on Blood & Circulation.

Elianna has been studying all things matter, atoms, & molecules. She also watched a Bill Nye Video: Atoms & Molecules


Eliana found a way to help Rose concentrate on her times tables…a shoulder massage 🙂 You have to love big sisters <3


The girls received puffy paints for Christmas. Here is Rose having fun decorating an old tee-shirt.


Early morning maths.


Reading about Martin Luther King.

Elianna is now completing a lot of her work independently. At the beginning of the week I go through her assignments with her & she adds her plan sheet to her lesson plan book. She really enjoys the autonomy, it makes her feel rather grown up. We meet up for various lessons, but as we are quite Charlotte Mason in our approach, the lessons are quite short. I suppose most of her learning comes from reading, then processing the information either by writing about it, creating something inspired by her learning, or through discussion.

Rose made a lovely wax resist winter scene this week & Elianna has been drawing a LOT 🙂

Some of the books we have been reading this week:

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

The Story Of The Romans

Charlotte’s Web

Odd & The Frostgiants

What is a Living Thing?

The Way Science Works

The Big Book of Dinosaurs

A Child’s History Of The World

The Story Of Painting

The Story Of Music

Happy Weekend!

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