It’s That Time Of The Year…



Each year in my home I have three decluttering & deep cleaning sessions. Advent, Lent & toward the end of the school year. This week has been the time for the latter. So at a time when the earth exhales, the sun shines and the air is fragrant, I choose to become terribly inverted and stay at home 🙂

This deep clean & declutter is preceded by planning, for the new upcoming homeschool year (we start afresh in September). Lots of lists, planning sheets and calendar pages are covered in my scribbles and typed notes. This is followed by the urge to clear out any resources and books that we no longer need and order in new supplies! Pencils are sharpened, play dough and paper refreshed. We have a few more weeks to go before we are finished with our current school year ~ and I am already anticipating with great excitement the next year! This is my first year with a high schooler!

I would highly recommend the ebook – Teaching from Rest by Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things. It is a very quick, but deeply meaningful read. Quite perfect!

To continue the theme of deep cleaning – for those who would like to turn inward & do some ‘deep cleaning’ of the mind, read this wonderful post by Carrie at The Parenting Passageway.A super post to help us focus on what we need to parent peacefully.

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