A Little Spinning


Earlier in the year I did some dyeing with dandelions & cochineal.


On the quest to create the perfect sock yarn; (perfect for me is squishy, warm & hardwearing.) I am working with a blend of Blue Faced Leicester wool – lovely soft & strong, baby Alpaca for warmth & silk for strength.

I dyed the fibre in three batches – pure cochineal for a bright pink, half cochineal & half dandelion for a tender peach colour and mostly dandelion with a touch of cochineal for a pretty pearl shade.


The fibre was carded and was spun long-draw for a lovely cushy single, then three plyed  for what i hope will be a long-lasting sock yarn for toasty toes!


2 thoughts on “A Little Spinning

  1. Lynn, i have never knitted socks, is there a pattern you would recommend that is really simple as I have N nagging me for a pair!!! Many thanks…B

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