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We were recently introduced to KiwiCo and their rather wonderful monthly subscription boxes. Each box contains a hands-on project that encourages creative thinking, and there are a range of lines to chose from, depending on the age and interests of your child.

I chose the Tinker Crate for Rose; it’s aimed at children aged 9-16 years old & contains a hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) project.

Our box arrived promptly and contained all the materials to create a planetarium. All we needed to add was a pair of scissors. Even the batteries were included! This box was perfect for Rose and she couldn’t wait to get started.

The box also included: detailed step-by-step instructions, the Tinker Zine (a smashing zine containing additional science experiments and activities) and a link to the video tutorial for the planetarium. This was invaluable for us. Rose has dyslexia, so this made the project more manageable and stress free for her.


She very much enjoyed building the planetarium, though it certainly had it’s close calls when things didn’t go as she had expected they should. I was thrilled though to see her persevere and she was delighted with the finished planetarium, which was nice and sturdy, and lit up beautifully. The Tinker Crate was a success for us, and I would highly recommend it.  Rose was asking for the next box all the way through building the planetarium! As a mum to a child who faces various learning challenges, this was music to my ears. We have not always had the best experiences with subscription boxes in the past; issues such as extra things I needed to buy, so we couldn’t be as spontaneous, the instructions being in small type, or projects being a little flimsy, or not working out as expected, but the Tinker Crate met our needs perfectly.


KiwiCo have very kindly offered my followers the chance to try a subscription for free! Pop over to KiwiCo to find out more. The offer is valid until Friday, April 6, 2018

Happy exploring!

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