Moon Week: Exploring Nature With Children

moon week

Some helpful links for January’s Moon Week in Exploring Nature With Children

Moon Phases Calendar January 2018

Lunar Sketching by Daniel Mounsey PDF

Moon Phases Demonstration ~ video

Do We Need the Moon? BBC documentary

Happy exploring!


6 thoughts on “Moon Week: Exploring Nature With Children

  1. We are completely enjoying your “Exploring Nature with Children” – and the weekly links that you provide are fantastic and really interesting. Thank you for providing so many ideas and resources – this week’s link to Daniel Mounsey’s “Lunar Sketching” is really cool! I appreciate so many ideas – if we don’t get to them this year I’m sure we’ll have a chance in a future year!

    1. Hello there, Katie!

      Are you referring to the Exploring Nature With Children curriculum? If so, then I would say that I have tried to make this book as family friendly, and multi-age as possible. It gives you the necessary scientific information for each week’s nature theme, then the parent can present those facts as they see fit, to each individual child. A child that is old enough to keep a nature journal will get the most out of it, but I have included suggestions for using the book with much younger children, too. I wrote this book because I had been looking to buy something like this since my 15 year old daughter was a toddler. I would have jumped at this book, even with a tiny, because it would equip me as a mum to talk with my child about nature, without having to go through a pile of different books first!

      The extension activities included vary; venn diagrams, writing poetry, making models, amongst many others. I have been very careful to use only relevant, authentic activities, with absolutely no busy work. Some will suit younger children, others are for the older child.

      You can view the sample here:

      This should help you decide if ENWC will work for your own family.

      I hope that this is helpful.
      Happy exploring!

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