Autumn Equinox Week: Exploring Nature With Children

Autumn Eqhinox week .jpg

This week in Exploring Nature With Children is ‘Autumn Equinox Week’.

Here are some helpful links to get you going:

Happy exploring!

3 thoughts on “Autumn Equinox Week: Exploring Nature With Children

  1. We are in the third week of Exploring Nature with Children and what a blessing it and your blog has been. I have wanted to do nature journaling for years and this finally gives me some lovely direction and ideas. My experience with water coloring and drawing is tiny – usually watching my children do it instead! What I always feared was the pressure of having to create something lovely from scratch/my imagination and it not looking anything like reality. BUT! I started my Nature Journal with my kids and I have realized that what I am actually doing is drawing something in detail – that God already created and designed – and then filling it with color. So I am not the “creator” but simply honoring his creation with my drawing. It has been awesome! Thanks again!

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