The Guided Journal Is Now Available!

Guide Cover

The Guided Journal is now available to purchase!

An additional tool to help your child deepen their connection with nature, the Guided Journal follows the full year of Exploring Nature With Children nature study.

Please note, there are two editions: A Print-Style copy-work, and a Cursive Style copy-work.

Please note, Exploring Nature With Children: A Guided Journal is available as a ***PDF Download only***

Buy eBook – Print Style Copy-work        Buy eBook – Cursive Style Copy-work

To see a sample of each book, click the above ‘Buy eBook’ link, there is a preview button top right.


Exploring Nature With Children: A guided journal is a companion journal for your child as you work through the Exploring Nature With Children curriculum.

The journal is divided into seasons and months, with each month having four weeks of guided journaling for your child, directly following the Exploring Nature With Children Curriculum.

There are journaling pages for 48 weeks of guided nature study. Each week contains:

  • A title page.

A prompt related to the theme, space to sketch, and a place for your child to record the date and time. There is also a weather box for your child to draw a symbol to represent the weather at the time they are journaling. You may wish to have your child do any paintings onto watercolour paper, and later mount them onto this first weekly page.

  • Poetry copy-work.

Included is the week’s poem in either print or cursive for your child to trace over. Please note that some poems are longer than others; you may wish to have your child only copy a portion of the poem, depending on their ability.

  • My art study page

A place for your child to either paste in a copy of the art work of the week, their own sketch, or a narration about the piece.

Include the name of the work and the artist name under the page title.

  • Extension activity pages.

Guided pages for the all extension activities that require a written or sketched response, within the Exploring Nature With Children curriculum.

At the end of the book, you will find:

  • Calendar of Firsts

A monthly page for your child to keep a list of the firsts they see in nature. For example, when your child sees the first Bluebells blooming, they make a note of this on their calendar page, along with the date and where they saw them.

  • Nature Books I Have Read This Year

Pages to record the books that your child has read, or has had read to them.




5 thoughts on “The Guided Journal Is Now Available!

  1. Hi there! I’m not able to complete the purchase once I’m at PayPal; any suggestions? Thank you! Kelly

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. You’re the best, Lynn! We’re about to begin our third (!) year of nature study using your guide. It has so blessed and enriched our lives and homeschool, not just nature study but other areas of our schooling as well. THANK YOU. ❤ I'd buy ANY book you publish on ANY subject … so please please keep writing! 🙂

    • Ah, thank you, Kim! That is so kind of you to say 🙂

      Funnily enough, I do have plans in the works for a planner, but it will be next year before it is ready (but there are also plans for something in a similar vein for later this year.

      I usually make my own planners, however this year, due to lack of time, we are all using just A4 diaries.

      I hope that helps!


  3. Oh, and I was wondering if you have a planning journal recommendation. I was looking at the many CM inspired/term journals and some are lovely. I’ve been using (and decorating) a blank teacher’s journal. What do you use? So far this year in preparation for next month, I have a mountain of loose pages! ahhhh. 😉 I’ll have two in school this year, a 5 yo and 10 yo.

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