Cathy Duffy’s Review Of Exploring Nature With Children

I am so utterly thrilled to share the wonderful review of Exploring Nature With Children, published by Cathy Duffy.
Cathy has been reviewing curriculum for the homeschool community since 1984, and her book and website are a real treasure trove.

Happy exploring!

4 thoughts on “Cathy Duffy’s Review Of Exploring Nature With Children

  1. Bit surprised Cathy writes that prep time and parent instruction time are ‘high’. I find this not to be the case at all. Perhaps I missing something?

      1. We have little rugsacks for the children ready packed except for snacks etc and all nature stuff books etc in a box so doesn’t take much time at all to grab what is needed. We read on Monday what we are looking out for as a family and all I plan is where we go and what food and drink to bring 😊

        If anything your curriculum is saving me lots of time! You have done the hard work for me! 🐛🐌

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