Nature Study With Pets At Home


Our nature study had a different flavour this week as we visited our local Pets At Home for a reptile workshop.

Pets at home offer a range of workshops ,  aimed at children from the ages of 5-11, although the website states that children of all ages are welcome.


Our workshop was hosted by Mark, a Pets At Home employee who was both knowledgable about the animals, and great with kids. We learned an awful lot about Charlie the Corn Snake, a resident of our local store, and the children got to hold him, which was of course a great hit!


I would definitely recommend going along to a workshop at your local Pets At Home; Rose and her friend had a blast, and are planning to get a flat together when they are grown up, so they can keep as many pets as possible! The workshops are still available, so check the website to see what is going on in your own local store.


3 thoughts on “Nature Study With Pets At Home

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