Lichen Week ~ Exploring Nature With Children


We has a lovely sunny day for nature study this week; a welcome break from the heavy rain we have been experiencing.

The pigeons were rather hungry


Very hungry


We had fun in the park; we spotted several fungus & I forgot to photograph the lichen!


We bumped into friends, and returned home to complete our journals




Happy exploring!

6 thoughts on “Lichen Week ~ Exploring Nature With Children

  1. Good job your girls are ok with feathered things, being mobbed like that would be a living nightmare for a friend of mine!

    We had a fab time looking for lichen, we also saw a Jay burying acorns and a mistle thrush amongst others. Plus got really close to the deer in the park.

    We went to our wildlife group on Sunday and had a great time in the woods, we found over 40 species ( as a group ) we had a wonderful expert on hand to identify, I have learnt a few more, have many more questions and so do the children. We also took some friends which was a bonus for all concerned.

    1. Birds flying around can be a little quite unnerving, but the girls are used to it 🙂

      You have seen some wonderful nature treasures this week Jenny. It is always lovely to hear what you are up to.

      Your wildlife group sounds smashing. 40!

  2. After this November theme, my children are loving their newfound knowledge. We were poking around for moss and lichen at an arboretum last week and my three year old son was excited to discover a nice patch of moss. I asked him what it smelled like, and he said, “It ‘mells like…. lichen.” <3

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