Exploring Nature With Children ~ Autumn Leaves

The first week’s nature walk for October in Exploring Nature With Children is Autumn Leaves. We headed off for a rather wet Autumn leaf hunt determined to brave the rain.


We found a lot of beautiful Maple leaves for our collection, then Rose began hunting for conkers.



We managed to collect a good haul, all the while discussing how leaves change colours.



We headed home and came across a large growth of fungus on the pavement edge


Once home, we got stuck into our nature journals.




Next job; preserving our Autumn leaves!

Happy exploring!


8 thoughts on “Exploring Nature With Children ~ Autumn Leaves

  1. Hi Lynn

    You look like you had fun despite the weather! I love the rich brown tones in the fresh conker. I also love the way the colours blend together in your watercolours, I must try again with leaves as I never feel I do a good job with them, you have encouraged me to have another go. Your fungi looks great, it seems to be a good year so far we have seen lots already, I must try harder with the identification I just get so overwhelmed, any tips?

    Our regular nature walk is on a Thursday, so we were very lucky to have sunshine, we picked up lots of leaves and a selection have been stuck in the journal. My son had great fun trying to track a bank vole, he didn’t find it but he found out what it ate (cherry stones and snails) and saw where it lived.

    Now the weather has turned it is time to dig out the waterproofs and wellies, still we have been lucky up til now and it will be a change to record different weather in the journal.

    Best wishes


    • Lovely to hear from you, Jenny!

      Thank you for your kind words about my watercolours. I am technically not great, but I get pictures that are pleasing to me. I used to work on being very accurate, but it was putting me off nature study because it took so long – so I ended up putting it off & not getting any painting done. I now try to capture the basic shapes & let the paint do the work for me; wet on wet is fantastic for that.

      What a great experience for your son! Experiences like that are not forgotten.

      Yes, I understand what you mean about being put off with fungus…such a broad field. I like this handy little guide:


      kind regards

  2. Lovely pictures – and well done for getting out in the rain! We had a fab walk on Sunday and collected leaves. Spent ages yesterday identifying them, and sticking them in. Also had fun doing leaf prints and drawings – The variety of colours even in just green and yellow are astounding. Elizabeth x

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