Exploring Nature With Children ~ Autumn Equinox


We had a beautiful morning for our Autumnal equinox nature walk using Exploring Nature With Children.


We found several items on the treasure hunt list:

A golden leaf


Something soft


Something wet


A cluster of berries


A red leaf; what a beauty!


A beautiful spider landed on my arm whilst we hunted, we found his web & heard migrating geese overhead.

We were slightly distracted picking Elder berries, which shall be later made into cough syrup.


Here are our nature journals from this week




Happy Exploring!

2 thoughts on “Exploring Nature With Children ~ Autumn Equinox

  1. Hi Lynn

    You look like you had a wonderful time in a place which looks lovely. Your photos look really autumnal, we are still just hanging onto summer here as we are seeing signs of autumn (we found everything on the list) but there are still plenty of flowers and pollinators out there and not that many leaves on the ground. However the ivy is in flower so you know the year is getting on. We have been so lucky with the weather although there is a chill to the wind it was gloriously sunny and it was dry under foot, even the ploughed field we had to cross ( on the route of the footpath of course). My daughter really enjoyed the picnic it was so nice to sit together and soak up the atmosphere with no distractions.

    We saw the house martins who surely won’t be here for much longer as the swallows left last week plus skylarks who are hunting over the fields they were nesting in a few months ago. We also saw a wood mouse who looked a bit poorly but it made a useful point to think about how animals who don’t migrate cope with winter.

    My son spotted the beautiful sunset last night and is now really excited about our evening nature walk on sunday!

    Best wishes


    1. Jenny, it is always so lovely to hear what you are up to! I am glad to hear that your daughter enjoyed the picnic. We too are really looking forward to Sunday! Let’s hope for a clear night.

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