Week 33 ~ Plants & Animals


Little Passports arrived this week! Rose was very please with her India themed package – especially as it included a wee tiger. Apparently, one cannot have enough soft toys…

Here is Elianna working on her end of unit (Chemical Fundamentals) science test. I was really pleased with how fully she answered the questions…years of narration are paying off!


At the park


A huge hit in our house this week has been Animalia: Welcome To The Museum. A museum of living things in a book, it has kept Rose enthralled for hours this week. She has  measured almost every creature in the book. I have the accompanying activity book on pre-order 🙂


Here is another lovely activity book. Smashing activities, gorgeous design, and quality paper. What more can a girl ask for?


Elianna is still reading Mockingjay


3D shapes have been another huge hit with Rose this week. We got them our for our maths lesson & they just caught her imagination. She built a ‘coal mine of the future’ which was complete with a restaurant & playground (Rose gets the important things in!)


She went on to build lots of other imaginary buildings & had a delightful time.


Architects wear red hats, apparently.

3 copy

In other news the caterpillars have all cocooned. Here they had begun preparing. We are all very excited!



The girls began a Botany unit in Science Club this week. We are using Botany In 8 Lessons, but we are working slowly through the text, so it will take longer than 8 sessions 🙂

Today we covered photosynthesis, respiration, & the girls began to make plant cell shrinkies…to be completed next time.



Plus all the regulars; English, maths & Latin. The new resource for Rosie’s Latin & Greek roots I began using last week is still going strong, though she is annoyed at having to write sentences (our previous work was all done orally) Getting this child to write, is like pulling teeth! Thank goodness for Charlotte Mason & short lessons!  This is a smashing printable, with really great graphics to colour in.

Books we are reading this week;


The Enchanted Wood

Gazzilions of the Usborne Beginners. She completely adores these books & we are usually getting a couple of new ones each week.

Animalia: Welcome To The Museum

A Child’s History Of The World



Anne Frank: The Diary Of A Young Girl.

Almost done!!! We are taking a holiday next week, so fingers crossed she will have finished it by the following week.

The View From The Oak – This is a smashing book, recommended by a wonderful friend. A great living science book.

Happy Weekend!


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