Week 7 ~ Clay & Wool


We have had a cold and blustery week with patches of sunshine ~ the dark nights are drawing in. How I love Autumn!


Lessons have progressed as usual. The girls are really enjoying The Water Babies, as am I. It can be extremely wordy, with long descriptions that can go on for pages. But it is a really beautiful book that has really captured us all.

Homeschool's Cool :)
Homeschool’s Cool 🙂

Ellie is progressing well with her Latin lessons & has progressed far beyond me.

Latin Lessons
Latin Lessons

Do you remember that Rose was writing her very own ‘Naughty Animal’ story, as planned in my Beatrix Potter enrichment lessons? She has been working on a ‘Tale of Wayne The Rabbit’. Slowly, but surely. Little by little. She works on her illustrations during read aloud time, and writes during her writing lessons.

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2 copy 2

3 copy

(please excuse errors!)

Pond Study this week focused on the girls special trees – Ellie’s is an Alder, Rose’s is a Beech. We looked at the leaf shapes & arrangements, among with generally observing the changes in our pond & its surroundings.


The girls worked on their nature journals when we got home.


Ellie has become very interested in wild & wonderful fashion & decided to make herself some shoes from wooden blocks & clay!

The First Shoe!
The First Shoe!

Disaster has struck as we have run out of clay! A trip to the craft shop is needed!

Rose is very much enjoying using cuisenaire rods for maths & made me a ‘maths milkshake’ 🙂

1 copy


Do you remember that we dyed some wool felt a couple of weeks ago? I was planning for the girls to make bookmarks, and Rose has finished hers.



Some of the books we have been reading this week:

The Tales of Beatrix Potter

The Water Babies

Boys & Girls Of History

Twilight Child

Age of Fable

The Story Of The Romans

D’Aulaire’s Book of Greek Myths

Fire Cat

Marie Curie

King John & Magna Carta

I wonder Why Camels Have Humps

I wonder why snakes shed their skin

We have a poorly wee girl here today, so this afternoon shall be a lazy one.

Happy Weekend!

5 thoughts on “Week 7 ~ Clay & Wool

  1. I love the creativity of your girls! Rose’s illustrated story is coming on really well, and Ellie’s clay shoe is beautiful! Wait till it’s dried and painted! I’m sure it’ll look gorgeous. 🙂

  2. Is it very wrong of me to love such a naughty rabbit as Wayne – smoking and stealing, but written and illustrated in such a clever way that I can’t help but fall for him!

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