Week 6 ~ Out And About

This week we have been out & about. Elianna needed to see the GP and Rose needed a trip to the radiologist with a suspected fracture to her hand. We also stopped into our local library, where Rose was enchanted with this beautiful tapestry:

2 copy

We spent a little time looking for books


And stopped at the local park on the way home


We have also been very fortunate to see the BBC’s 10 Pieces. It was truly amazing. A really good introduction to Classical Music. I believe that you can watch it for a few weeks via I-Player. Please do watch if you haven’t had the chance to see it at the cinema.


After the cinema, we went to visit with some lovely friends & had delicious scones & pancakes. Yum!

And to hold their pet Tarantula!



The rest of the week we have been ‘getting on’ with regular learning times.


Ellie is still building Jotunheim


Rose has spent every spare moment building circuits

We have dyed some wool felt, ready to make book marks, so I am hoping to work on those over the next week and Rose has begun a wonderful little ‘book’ – a naughty animal tale 🙂



We have been learning more about energy; this week photosynthesis, and also how food releases energy – we had fun burning various foodstuffs to see which released the most energy.

Banana Bread won 🙂

Some of the books we have been reading this week:

The Tales of Beatrix Potter

The Water Babies

Boys & Girls Of History

Twilight Child

Age of Fable

The Story Of The Romans

D’Aulaire’s Book of Greek Myths

The Orchard Book Of Roman Myths

D’Aulaire’s Book Of Trolls

Why do trees change colour

Be a friend to trees

Mountains of Usborne Beginners fact books.

Various comic books

Lots & lots of poetry ~ focusing on Beatrix Potter & Walter de la Mare.



4 thoughts on “Week 6 ~ Out And About

  1. What interesting activities you do – each one is almost deserving of it’s own post! And you’ve reminded me to get our Snap Circuits out again, thank you! 😀

  2. I’m always impressed by how many books you get through! Thanks for the link to the BBC’s ‘Ten Pieces’. I’ve added it to our ‘to do’ list for next week.

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