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It has been a long time since my last post…

It has been an even longer time since I posted about the plans for my children’s education at home…I think the last time was at my old blog.

My plans for our up coming year are pretty much done and dusted. We still follow a Charlotte Mason approach. I am not a purist by any stretch of the imagination, but I do appreciate the joy and gentle pace she brings to the every day.

This year is a milestone for us, as Elianna enters ‘high school’ ~ Year 7/grade 6


Rose will be going into Year 4/grade 3


Family Read Alouds:

Under blankets on the sofa, cuddled up in bed, or lazing in the sunshine, read aloud time is my favourite part of ‘school’.

~ Lots of Fairy Tales

Aesop’s Fables

The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe

The snow queen

The Trumpet & The Swan

The Merry Adventures Of Robin Hood

~ The Story of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table

~ A Christmas Carol (ours is a vintage, unabridged version)

~ The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

~ Little Women

History Read Alouds:

The World Of Columbus & Sons


Good Queen Bess

Starry Messenger

I, Galileo

Degas & the little dancer

Science Read Alouds:

The mystery of the periodic table

Mathmaticians are people too V1

Great scientists & their discoveries

Mathmaticians are people too V2

Great inventors & their inventions

Nature Study Read Alouds:

Nature Lover’s Book 3

By pond & river

Silverstein’s World in a Drop

The Stream I know

There will be *lots* of discussion around our reading..


The Story Of The Romans

Bulfinch’s Greek & Roman Mythology – The Age of Fable

These books I had planned as historical fiction; I may switch out for more ‘classic’ lit.

Twilight Child

Rider in the dark

The Pirate’s son

The Orange Trees of Versailles

Stink Alley

The minister’s daughter

Marie Curie (Giants of science)

Watchers at the pond

Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity by Robert Cwiklik


Khan Academy

Life Of Fred

Origami maths

Various games & living maths



Primary language lessons ~ Rose

Intermediate language lessons ~ Elianna

Spelling Wisdom

For Elianna:

Daily sentence diagramming 

Reading through The Sentence Family at our leisure as review.

Keeping a Common Place Book

Figuratively Speaking


Poetry tea once a week

Memory Work

Reading a poem a day, focusing on one poet per term. (Walter De La Mare, William Blake, Sara Teasdale)

Nature poems in our nature notebooks (yes, I have one too!)

Poetry analysis 1 x month

With Elianna:

Rose, where did you get that red?

Wishes, lies and dreams


Macbeth (coville)

Never Say Macbeth

Shakespeares Storybook

With Elianna

No fear Macbeth

PLUTARCH ~ Elianna

Poplicola / Publicola


LATIN ~ Elianna

Getting Started With Latin

Usbourne Sticker Book

The Story of the Romans

LOGIC ~ Elianna

The Art Of Argument

Mind Benders


 Poetry & Shakespeare

Poetry of their own choice

Various Shakespeare

 Grammar –

Parts of speech

 Maths – times tables

Multiplication facts in 7 days ~ We need to get this down – Elianna struggles with some facts. I plan to take 7 weeks to use this resource!

Sci – periodic table

Periodic table song 

colouring book

Making our own Periodic table

 Latin ~ Elianna

Flash cards from Getting Started With Lain

Map Work – wkly

Keeping up our wall Time Line


 Bi-Weekly Experiment – cool chemistry concoctions

Basher The Periodic Table

Basher Chemistry

Albert Einstein & the theory of relativity ~ Elianna

Galore Park – SYRWTL Science book 1 ~ Elianna (This I am undecided about. Maybe, maybe not)


As well as our regular journal keeping, I plan for us to undertake a year long study of our local pond!

We have multiple resources:

Natural science through the seasons

Concise Pond Life

The World of the Microscope

One Small Square – Pond

Rivers Ponds & Lakes

Tell me Tree

First Book Of Pond Life

Elianna will be reading: Watchers at the pond

Rosie: Pond LifePond & River BirdsWhat to look for in AutumnWhat to look for in WinterWhat to look for in Spring

What to look for in Summer, amongst many others…


Artist tea once a week:





~ Elianna: Outlining & summaries using:

The Medieval and Early Modern World: Primary Sources and Reference Volume

Kingfisher History Encyclopedia

Rose will be reading & narrating.

 A great resource: What on earth


 Following the liturgical year & seasons


Learning as we walk along the way..

Typed out like this, my lists look overwhelming. But with short lessons, some subjects for only a term & lots of time for contemplation I know this is going to be a beautiful year…



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  1. Can’t believe your girls are so big now! Julia has completed the first year of Sixth Form and Lydia graduated from University this year! My eldest daughter is expecting her third baby and embarking on her own home-ed journey with her eldest who will be 5 in December. Hope you still find time for spinning and knitting. God bless, Lynn x

    1. She did English Literature and Creative Writing, and she has a place to do an MA in Linguistics in 2015, obviously has an appetite for learning! Xx

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