Weekend Walk 8 September

No outdoor photos today – I left my camera at home!

A beautiful day for walking. The sky was bright blue this morning and there was a definite chill in the air. We left home late morning & the skies were steely grey and beautiful

The fruits are ripening out and about now. I got a haul of Haws which I plan to dry out for winter.


Gleaming jewel-like Elder berries


The Elder are destined for Elderberry Syrup.

I spent a happy, quiet time stripping the berries. I resisted the strong urge to listen to Radio 4 and spent the time thinking about how fruitful my own year has been and the seeds I wish to grow for the year ahead. We have faced large challenges as a family over the last year or two and I pondered how I have been changed by those experiences…

The activity of mindless, repeating activity does wonders for my wellbeing. No wonder I enjoy knitting so very much. Keeping my hands busy with an activity they just know how to do frees up my mind for pondering. It does the spirit good. Allows me to commune with God. Think through both big and little issues. Listen to my intuition…


The ingredients for the syrup all mixed and ready to stand overnight.

The Recipe comes from Glennie Kindred’s book ‘Letting In The Wild Edges’ which I could not recommend more. It is a fantastic book for those who love to be outdoors and celebrate the Wheel of the Year. Glennie also has the recipe for the syrup on her website. She writes; “Elderberry syrup is wonderful for chesty coughs and sore throats. It boosts the immune system and when taken at the first sign of a cold can prevent it from happening altogether!”

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