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Exploring Nature With Children: A Guided Journal

Exploring Nature With Children is a complete, year-long curriculum designed to guide you, step by step, through an entire calendar year of nature study. Completely self-contained, this book has all the information you need to make nature study happen regularly for your family.

Exploring Nature With Children contains:

  • An entire chapter devoted to getting you up and running with nature study.
  • Forty-eight weeks of themed and guided nature study; four weeks for each month of the year, organised by season. Exploring Nature With Children can be used as a whole year’s study, or dipped in and out of as you please.

Each week’s guided study contains the following:

  • A themed nature walk.

Exploring Nature With Children will take you step by step through a themed, Charlotte Mason-style, nature walk. There is no need to hunt through various books and websites; all the information you need is there, leaving you free to enjoy being out in nature with your child.

  • References to the Handbook Of Nature Study.

Exploring Nature With Children is completely self-contained, but includes references to related pages in the Handbook Of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock, should you wish to delve a little deeper.

  • A themed book list.

With books for children of all ages, you will find a comprehensive list of living books related to the week’s nature study theme. Exploring Nature With Children is a self-contained course, so the book list is an extra tool, not a necessity.

  • A poem

Related to the nature theme of the week; a classic piece of poetry that can be used for copywork, dictation, or simply to just read aloud and enjoy.

  • A piece of art

The name and details of a piece of art that relates to the nature theme of the week has been included. This can easily be looked up online, or in art books available from your local library.

  • Extension activities for your child

Here you will find a list of activities, written directly to your child, that will extend their nature study throughout the whole of the week. You will find ideas for crafts, writing, science, maths, and more, with absolutely no busy work.

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  1. Hi Lynn

    I’m trying to purchase Exploring Nature with Children and the Cursive Journal but paypal is not working for the checkout. Please can you help with an alternative purchasing option.

    Thank you

    1. Good afternoon!

      I am terribly sorry that you are having the PayPal issue; it’s a little hit & miss. Most people are fine, but a few are experiencing difficulties. It is an issue on PayPal’s end, therefore out of my control, but they have promised that they are working on it!

      I can send you a direct invoice, this resolves the issue. Let me know if you would like me to do this, I just need your PayPal linked email address.

      Thank you for your patience!
      Kind regards

      1. I am having the same issue with PayPal….I thought someone hacked into my bank account lol but that is not the problem. I’d love to purchase!

    1. Karen, I have tried to make this book as family friendly, and multi-age as possible. It gives you the necessary scientific information for each week’s nature theme, then the parent can present those facts as they see fit, to each individual child. A child that is old enough to keep a nature journal will get the most out of it, but I have included suggestions for using the book with much younger children, too. I wrote this book because I had been looking to buy something like this since my 14 year old daughter was a toddler. I would have jumped at this book, even with a tiny, because it would equip me as a mum to talk with my child about nature, without having to go through a pile of different books first!

      The extension activities included vary; venn diagrams, writing poetry, making models, amongst many others. I have been very careful to use only relevant, authentic activities, with absolutely no busy work. Some will suit younger children, others are for the older child.

      Here is a link to the sample to help you decide if this will work for your family: https://pe56d.s3.amazonaws.com/p19sm4ipt33gc2b71mqb160l1idd7.pdf

  2. Hello, I am with a charter and would love to purchase this curriculum using my school funding. Is it available through any other outlets (like Rainbow Resource) that might be vendors with my school, or are you interested in becoming a vendor with a charter school?

    1. Good morning, Lauren!

      Thank you for your message. ENWC is only available through my own website. Please feel free to ask your school to send over the info: lynnseddonhs@gmail.com
      Please be aware though that I have a backlog of charter school applications to get through. I am doing my best, but I am ‘just’ a mum at home, and this is the thing that keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the pile.

      Thank you for taking the time to contact me, I appreciate your message very much. Kind regards

  3. Hi Lynn,

    I’m having no success in purchasing your book either. I’ve tried more times than I should admit;) Is there an email on your end that I can send my PayPal email…I’m very excited to have this in my new homeschool resource library.
    Thank you so much,

  4. Hi Lynn,

    I’m also having no success at purchasing your book. Is there an email I can send my PayPal email to? Or another way to purchase? I’ve tried more times than I should admit;)

    I’m really excited to have this is my new homeschool kit!


  5. Where am I able to print this book? My printer is currently broken. Where do I get a release from author saying it is ok to print? Thanks so much. 😊

  6. I also just tried to purchase via PayPal also. Saying it went though but it went to a strange site that looked like a bunch of computer programming language so I’m not sure if purchase went through. Can you please help me figure out if it went through or how to purchase if it did not? Thanks! 😊

  7. I’m trying to purchase Exploring Nature with Children, but PayPal is not working for the checkout. It continues to give me an error message for PayPal. Is there an alternative purchasing option.

    Thank you.

    1. Good morning, Maggie!

      I am sorry that you have had the PayPal difficulty. PayPal have told me that the issue is payments being declined to an issue with customer’s addresses. I am not sure how accurate this is, however, as I am able to send invoices directly with no problem!

      If you would like me to do this, I just need your PayPal-linked email address & he book(s) you wish to purchase.

      Thank you for your patience!

      Kind regards

    1. Hello Hannah!

      I do not have an email from you, I’m afraid. Your download link comes from Payhip, the company that host my book online & goes directly to the PayPal linked email address that was used for purchase.

      If you cannot find it, then email me at: lynnseddonhs@gmail.com with your PayPal linked email address, and I can re-set your purchase so the link is sent out again.

      Thank you!
      Kind regards

  8. It won’t let me check out either. However my email account isn’t working so emailing me an invoice won’t work either. I sent you a PM on Instagram. Could you send me an invoice there?

  9. I’m having trouble purchasing “Exploring Nature with children-a year long curriculum”. Please help!

  10. Hi Lyn
    I’m looking to purchase exploring with nature year long curriculum PDF but just realised it’s purchase by pay pal only is the a visa debit option at all ?

  11. Hello there!

    I have been trying to purchase the curriculum, unfortunately it will not process my payment. An error keeps coming up each time I try. I contacted PayPal and there is nothing wrong on my end and they also said they was nothing wrong with your account. They also had me try doing it from a different browser to make sure that was not the problem. They said it was most likely a problem on Payhips end.

    1. Jessica, thank you for your message, that’s very interesting, as PayPal insist the issue is caused by the customer’s bank refusing the payment due to an issue with the customer’s address. Which I have been disputing with them as I am able to send an invoice directly. I will email you now x

  12. It looks like PayPal still doesn’t have the issue resolved for you (I bet that is so frustrating!) since I just tried to purchase “Exploring Nature with Children” and received an error message. I would LOVE to purchase it this weekend to start using it next week. 🙂 Thanks so much!

  13. I keep getting the message “cannot connect to PayPal”. Is there another way I can purchase this ebook? Thank you

    1. Hello there!

      I am terribly sorry that you have not received your link; it is an automated system, so you should have recieved it straight away. It comes from Payhip, the company that host my book online & goes directly to the PayPal-linked email address used to purchase.

      I have checked both my PayPal account & my Payhip system & can find nothing from this email address. Is it possible that you used a different email address to purchase?

      If you can get in touch and give me more information, I can sort this out for you.

      Kind regards

  14. hi Lynn, just wondering if the curriculum is suitable for Australia? Concerned because the flora and fauna are different and seasons. thanks heaps, Sirena

  15. I paid for the curriculum via PayPal I also sent the confirmation via email because I still have yet to receive it via email or via PDF …. I asked them to please resend it to me via email and still have yet to hear back I am super frustrated because you can’t even call the company because it’s overseas

    1. Ah, Brandi! How frustrating! I am so sorry that you have not received your download. My system is automated, so you should have received it as soon as you checked out.
      I respond to emails as quickly as I possibly can, and I make sure they are all answered within 24 hours, except Sundays which I try to take off. I have not received an email from you, however. I wonder if it has possibly gone to my spam filter.
      Are you in the US? I am in Lancashire, which is a lovely county in north-west England.
      I shall re-send your download link straight away; it will come to you from Payhip, the company that host my book online, so look out for that in your inbox.
      May I ask if you could let me know that you have received it?
      Again, my apologies to have kept you waiting; thank you for your patience.
      Happy exploring!

      1. I am so sorry for this comment!! This was totally my fault! I had no idea my email was having problems and I am so very sorry! Thank you for getting back with me so quickly and sending it to me via email! This is a beautiful book and you are so kind and so helpful! I appreciate you and the book!! #your awesome!!! 💕💕😊

    2. Brandi, I just emailed you with the message I posted in reply here, just incase you did not check back & see my reply.
      I have received the following notification:

      This report relates to a message you sent with the following header fields:

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      Recipient address: brandy*******com
      Reason: Over quota

      Thus I am assuming that you will not receive your download link either. Please feel free to contact me directly at:


      once you are able to receive incoming mail.

      Kind regards

  16. Hi, I bought the curriculum last night and paid by PayPal, the link was then sent to my PayPal email. This is not the email address I use and I don’t have access to it – the address no longer exists at yahoo. How can I access what I have paid for? I didn’t realise it wouldn’t ask me to provide an email address.
    Thanks in advance

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