A Nature Advent Calendar

This Advent season, embark upon a Seasonal Journey: “A Nature Advent Calendar

Follow nature’s rhythms and create cherished traditions with Celebrating the Seasons with Children: A Nature Advent Calendar.

Offering you a simple, open-and-go format, it will guide you through this season of the year, both the natural rhythm, and also the season that we celebrate as a church.

The Nature Advent Calendar is multi-age, in the same sort of style as Exploring Nature with Children, so that children of all ages can enjoy celebrating the seasons. A child that is old enough to keep a nature journal will get the most out of the Nature Advent Calendar, but it can be used by families with much younger children too.

My hope is that you will return to this resource year upon year, for layered learning. That it will ‘grow’ with your family as you establish your own traditions, and that you will experience the season in a deeply connected, and authentic way. Find out more here:

Celebrating the Seasons with Children: A Nature Advent Calendar.

Here’s to a blessed, peaceful, and nature-filled Advent, where each day unfolds as a chapter of connection and reflection. Available now for a joy-filled Advent season of shared celebration and discovery.

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