When my own children were small, I wanted to find a way to weave studying nature during the seasons of the natural year with the church seasons. I would spend hours reading and pondering, and created a bulging folder of notes! Out of this folder came my ‘Celebrating the Seasons with Children’ series, which includes resources for the upcoming Harvest Festival, for St. John’s Tide & Midsummer, and A Nature Advent Calendar.

The Harvest Festival is almost upon us, and is a traditional time of giving thanks to God for His provision. A time to acknowledge our reliance upon His world, and our obligation to care for it. We can be thankful for the bounty found within nature, and also remember and give thanks for farmers, and those involved with the harvesting and production of our food.

If this resonates with you, you can find out more & download the sample here: Celebrating The Seasons With Children: The Harvest Festival

Here’s to a happy, bountiful, and grateful season.

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