Our Nature Journals Week 18

In my place journal this week, I sketched Dock, Ribwort Plantain, Sweet Vernal Grass, Lesser Spearwort, Wavy Bittercress, Sycamore flowers, Hawthorn, and a passing Orange Tip butterfly, along with a wee sketch of the meadow.




We worked on our phenology wheels for April:

Rose has been keeping a close eye on the tadpoles in our pond, and sketched one for her nature journal.

In my Calendar of Firsts, I sketched a Dandelion, or ‘Fairy’ Clock, the first Orange Tip butterfly I have seen this year, and I recorded that it was May Day this week.

How are your journals coming along this week?

Happy exploring!


2 thoughts on “Our Nature Journals Week 18

  1. Not great but we did get them out. We’ve only had one nature walk. I can’t believe I didn’t think to take them to our trip to Niagra Falls- but perhaps tomorrow we can do a sketch from memory or a photograph!

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