Let Them Once Get In Touch With Nature…

in touch with natureLet them once get in touch with nature and a habit is formed which will be a source of delight and habit through life

Charlotte Mason

Our Nature Journals Week 8

This week has been sunny mornings, followed by rainy afternoons. then a dark, rain-lashed brush with Storm Doris.

Rose found our first garden frog of the year.

img_0833There were tears over this one. She can’t draw frogs she said. She doesn’t know how to get the colours right. It all became very sad. She drew the head on a sheet of printer paper. We worked on local colour, and adding in the darks. I remembered the battery operated eraser I had tucked away and I showed her how to use it to make the highlights.

And everything was all okay again.

I found the first daisy in the park. Spiring is coming!
What is happening in nature in your wee corner of the world?

Beginning A Nature Journal: An Online Course With Jan Blencowe


I have recently had the great pleasure to Beta test a wonderful new course by artist & naturalist, Jan Blencowe.

Beginning A Nature Journal is unlike any other course out there; it teaches all the needed skills, and then some, to creating your very own nature journal.


Jan is an excellent teacher, and the course is unbelievably comprehensive.

There are 10 modules, each containing multiple video lessons, cheat sheets, and PDFs.

  1. Introduction
  2. Materials and set up
  3. Learning to see, learning to draw
  4. Line work
  5. Colour mixing skills
  6. Watercolour
  7. Landscapes
  8. Layout / design skills
  9. Journaling
  10. The wrap up

Remember, this is not just 10 lessons, there are multiple video lessons for each module!


Beautifully presented, and professionally produced, this course will answer all the questions you ever had about the ins and outs of nature journaling.

Please do not worry if you have not so much as picked up a sketching pencil before; Jan will teach you the skills you need to create beautiful pages in your journal that will record your experiences in the natural world. Once you have completed the course, sketching and painting in your nature journal will become a joy.



Registration for Beginning A Nature Journal opens today, with access to immediate access to the Orientation Module, which has a welcome, an overview of how you can work through the course materials, a video on how to use the Ruzuku interactive classroom, the materials and supplies PDF, and a short video with suggestions on how to personalise your own sketchbook.

The classroom will officially open on March 20. You will then have access to the entire course. There are also four live webinar Q&A sessions scheduled. A reminder email will be sent to you on the 18th and you will receive an email on March 20th with a link to the course home page and log in.

They will initially be at a sales page that give details about the class.

When they click Register they will go to the enrollment page and can apply the coupon and pay.

Very shortly after that, they should receive two emails, a welcome email, and a start of course email.

Follow the link to the course sales page, which has a detailed description of the course and a registration button. The course costs $197 and Jan is offering an exclusive discount for my readers. Use code charlotte30 for a $30 discount, which is valid until March 15th 2017.

I was honoured to test this course for Jan, & I truly cannot say enough good things about it. Here’s to improving our journaling skills!




A Field Trip: Exploring Nature With Children


field-trip-weekThis week in Exploring Nature With Children is ‘Field Trip Week’. To quote Dr. Seuss, “Oh, the places you’ll go!”

This weeks all about choosing a new place to go for your nature walk; either an entirely new place to you and your child, or somewhere you very rarely visit.

Here are some helpful links to get you going:

Do let me know how you get on.

Happy exploring!

Our Nature Journals Week 7

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind, as my eldest daughter was in hospital for several days.

The first thing we did, the day after she returned home, was to go for a family nature walk. It did us all the world of good; blowing away the cobwebs, refreshing us, beauty all around us.

It was a such a glorious morning, spring is most certainly on the way! We found an interesting burrow, sprouting Daffodils, and lots of mud! The birds delighted us with their song!


Rose spied a Coal Tit, which she later sketched.


The Hazel by the pond was full of catkins, which I chose to sketch, along with a lichen-covered Hawthorn branch, still with its berries intact.


A wee reminder that if you are using Exploring Nature With Children, then next week is February Week Four: ‘A Field Trip’.

Happy exploring!

A Discount Code For Exploring Nature With Children

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Happy exploring!