Calendar of Firsts ~ Week 29

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My Calendar of Firsts for this week:

So much is going on in the natural world!

  • Still heaps & heaps of rain!
  • Ripe raspberries in the garden
  • The full, golden Hay Moon. At the stables they are struggling to get the hay in due to the rain.
  • The Cherry leaves are turning colours, we are moving towards cooler, shorter days again.

What is happening in the natural world where you live?

Happy exploring!

Moth Week ~ Exploring Nature With Children

This week is moth week in Exploring Nature With Children. We found a lovely Cinnabar caterpillar out on a walk this week. I am sorry I have no photos, but I found an interesting video about the Cinnabar on YouTube.
Another video you may wish to view is this one all about the taxonomy of moths and butterflies.
In our nature journals this week, Rose chose to sketch a Kingfisher, as she has been fascinated with them since we had the blessing to see one fishing at our local pond.
I chose Blackberries. I love blackberries both to sketch & eat! We pick them in the lane behind our house every summer. This year, however, someone has been and hacked them all down, which we are very sad about. I found this branch in the woods. There is hope for our Michaelmas jam tarts after all!
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What is happening in the natural world where you live?

Happy exploring!

Calendar of Firsts ~ Week 28

cal of firsts


My Calendar of Firsts for this week:

So much is going on in the natural world!

  • It was St. Swithin’s Day on Thursday, heaps & heaps of rain!
  • The meadow is full of wild flowers; I decided to sketch the Poppies & Thistles.
  •  I spotted several caterpillars this week, including this handsome Cinnabar moth caterpillar.
  • The Swallow chicks in the barn are growing quickly, and there are Swallows flying over the field and around my house in the evenings.

What is happening in the natural world where you live?

Happy exploring!

St. Swithin’s Day Week ~ Exploring Nature With Children

This week is St. Swithin’s Day Week in  Exploring Nature With Children. July 15th is St. Swithin’s Day itself, and here, in north-west England, it has poured with rain.

Saint Swinthin, or more correctly, Saint Swithun, was an Anglo-Saxon Bishop of England during the ninth century. He was known for his humble and generous nature, and legend tells us that he requested to be buried modestly, outside the cathedral. Much later, the cathedral was rebuilt, and there was an attempt to move his remains to a special shrine within the cathedral. The move was delayed by a severe rain storm, and it is believed this storm is the origin of the old wives’ tale that if there is rain on St. Swithin’s day, then it will rain for the following forty days. However, if it is dry on St. Swithin’s day, then the next forty days will be fine.

Rose has been busy experimenting with sketching from photographs:




DSC02790 DSC02789

Her skills are improving all the time, which in turn is building her confidence.

I sketched a wee nature treasure: a fallen conker, and set up a chart to record the days of rainfall over the 40 days from St. Swithin’s Day:


(I missed crossing my ‘T’! ~ don’t worry, I have done it now!)

How was the weather for you on St. Swithin’s Day?

Happy exploring!


Growing Up In England

Growing up in England

Jamie from Simple Homeschool has written a smashing book:

Raising Globally Minded Kids One Book At A Time

To celebrate, she has interviewed families all around the world and is sharing their stories.  I am thrilled to share with you that we are today’s featured family!

Please head over to Simple Homeschool today to read our story.

Tree Week ~ Exploring Nature With Children

This week is Tree Week in Exploring Nature With Children. Have you been to visit your special tree? We visited ours, and had a good chat about the changes we have seen this year and made our general observations.

I was browsing through old photographs this week and found this sweet picture of baby Rose holding a slug.

baby rose

Look at the concentration in her sweet face! She has always been fascinated by the animal world.

Here are our journals this week; Rose chose to sketch a bumble bee as she is obsessed with bees right now 🙂


I decided to sketch a wee ladybird that I found on my special tree.


What are you studying in nature this week?

Happy exploring!