Calendar of Firsts 9 ~15 May 2016

cal of firsts

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My Calendar of Firsts for this week:

  • We visited a local observatory to watch the transit of Mercury cross the face of the sun
  • Several Holly Blue butterflies
  • Cabbage whites
  • Lots of Jack-by-the-hedge growing around our apple tree
  • The dandelion clocks are out in force!

What is happening in the natural world where you live?

Happy exploring!

2 thoughts on “Calendar of Firsts 9 ~15 May 2016

  1. Hi Lynn

    We have had a good week, lovely sunny days. Our frogs have been released they all jumped out quickly into the undergrowth, we had to make sure no one moved their feet!

    Most exciting sighting was a turtle dove on a neighbour’s roof! Every year they come back to this one garden, they occasionally overshoot into ours but only occasionally. They are strikingly beautiful birds, I feel anxious for their future when I hear all the reports of their decline.

    On the upside we took a swarm of honeybees on Sunday so we are up to three colonies now.

    Best wishes


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