Charlotte Mason And Picture Study


In our home we regularly study great works of art. Picture study is an integral part of a Charlotte Mason style education; it opens the child’s heart to the beautiful ideas that artists over the ages have expressed.

“Every child should leave school with at least a couple of hundred pictures by great masters hanging permanently in the halls of his imagination.” Charlotte Mason

The idea is to look at the picture very closely, and for the child to give a narration .The following questions may be helpful discussion-starters:

• What is happening in this picture?

• How is this picture different from real life?

• How would you describe the colours?

• How do you think the artist felt when they painted this picture?

This morning Rose and I had been studying a beautiful work of art by Albrecht Durer:

Wing Of A Blue Roller

After discussing the painting, we found this video on YouTube, which shows of the amazing colours of this beautiful bird.


In the afternoon we spent a few moments seeing which colours from the painting we could recreate with our own watercolours. I printed out a photograph of the painting for us to add to our journals for reference at a later date. Our time was short but sweet, however as the lure of the sunshine was too great for Rose, who declared she needed to go looking for frogs in the garden!




Happy exploring!



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