Exploring Nature With Children: Week Two

Week Two: Mini-beasts in Exploring Nature With Children.

We had fun searching for mini-beasts on our nature walk today!

Here are our journals:




4 thoughts on “Exploring Nature With Children: Week Two

  1. Hi Lynn

    Your girls seem as fascinated by snails as my daughter, we didn’t find one on our hunt though.
    We cheated slightly this week we didn’t go to our usual nature spot, we checked out a new one thanks to a tip off from our wildlife explorers group leader. Wow was it a good tip! Lots of minibeasts from butterfly’s and moths to dragonflys and woodlice I admit we got slightly sidetracked looking for fungi and trying to find otter tracks. We also saw several types of fish and we realised we don’t know much about fish, so perhaps some follow up there. The children made some useful observations and had a go at drawing in the field which we are quite new to. A lovely afternoon which was topped off by seeing a roe deer on the way home.

    Looking forward to next week

    Best wishes


  2. It is so lovely to hear of your walks, Jenny.
    Please bear in mind you will need to do the next two weeks out of their order, as the Harvest Moon will be after the Equinox this year (it usually comes first)

    1. Ah ha, yes Lynn, no problem, it has worked out rather well actually as we can sneak in a field trip as Daddy has a few days off! The children are very excited about the harvest moon as we have asked our neighbour to come with us. The next two weeks are a new area for me as we haven’t really talked much about them, so thank you .


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