Exploring Nature With Children ~ Autumn Leaves

The first week’s nature walk for October in Exploring Nature With Children is Autumn Leaves. We headed off for a rather wet Autumn leaf hunt determined to brave the rain.


We found a lot of beautiful Maple leaves for our collection, then Rose began hunting for conkers.



We managed to collect a good haul, all the while discussing how leaves change colours.



We headed home and came across a large growth of fungus on the pavement edge


Once home, we got stuck into our nature journals.




Next job; preserving our Autumn leaves!

Happy exploring!

The October Nature Table


The October nature table is looking quite festive! Next week’s nature walk in Exploring Nature With Children is Autumn leaves, so our table is dressed accordingly.


I made the big mushroom child, the felted mushroom, and autumn leaves when the girls were small. I think the other mushrooms were from Ikea.


Tuesday was Michaelmas, so we added this little card to our nature table. Our church is St Michael’s and All Angels, and the card is a photograph of one of the stained glass windows. It is a beautiful church :)


Needle-felted acorns amongst the conkers.


A beautiful hand-carved set of mushrooms. Again, we have had this since the girls were tiny.

I really do love this time of year…the glorious colours & gentle light. Please feel free to share links to your own nature table in the comments.

Happy Exploring!

The Lunar Eclipse

lunar eclipse 1

We made it for the eclipse!

lunar eclipse 2

We had a very vocal visit from a neighbourhood cat, plus one of our garden hedgehogs was out enjoying the food we leave for them each night.

lunar eclipse 3

We listened to our hedgehog munching as we watched the final light of the moon disappear, to see the whole moon suddenly turn red! Unfortunately I could not pick it up with my camera. This is the best shot I could get.

lunar eclipse 4

I am sorry it is so poor! I am really not the best photographer.

We had a great night. The children are now tucked up in bed, and at 4am, I am wide awake :)

The Harvest Moon – Exploring Nature With Children


This week is Harvest Moon Week in Exploring Nature With Children, and what a beauty!

We went for a night-time nature walk and were treated to this beautiful, glorious moon.

Moon on water

My plan is to set my alarm for around 2:30am and if the sky is clear, wake up the children.

Wish me luck!

Exploring Nature With Children ~ Autumn Equinox


We had a beautiful morning for our Autumnal equinox nature walk using Exploring Nature With Children.


We found several items on the treasure hunt list:

A golden leaf


Something soft


Something wet


A cluster of berries


A red leaf; what a beauty!


A beautiful spider landed on my arm whilst we hunted, we found his web & heard migrating geese overhead.

We were slightly distracted picking Elder berries, which shall be later made into cough syrup.


Here are our nature journals from this week




Happy Exploring!